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I'm a 17 year old student who loves art and beauty.My inspiration is just nature itself. I love taking long walks alone listening to music , helps me to think better about things that I'm going through in life :)

Monday, 9 July 2012


We all go through different phases of styles.When we become teenagers , we start to explore our style and experiment different ones. My first ''experimental style'' was kinda rock-ish all black kind of clothes , then to all girly-girl , then to simple plain things and then to an ''I don't care what I wear'' type of style . Well it still happens to me till this day. I haven't found a style that I actually fit in to be honest. I feel like my style changes  according to the phase of life I'm in . A few weeks ago I wanted to wear all girly stuff and stylish things... and now a few days ago I started to actually not care about fashion and just wear simple stuff that I feel comfortable in. An example of the outfit would be ... trainers/converse , shorts and some shirt. 
Sometimes it's a problem when going shopping because I may buy certain clothes that I'd be loving at that time and then like after a few weeks my style would have changed ...Kinda weird I know....
Do you guys go through this too?


  1. I'm always doing this, mine changes daily!

    I'll buy something one day that I'm completely in love with, then when I actually come to wear it I'm like 'Hmmm, what was I thinking!?' haha. Ahh well, we all need to experiment to find our true style!

    Just found your blog, now following :)

    Maybe you could check out my blog too?

    Laura xx

    1. Haha good to know I'm not alone then :) I'll follow you :D

  2. LOL me too!!