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I'm a 17 year old student who loves art and beauty.My inspiration is just nature itself. I love taking long walks alone listening to music , helps me to think better about things that I'm going through in life :)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

26 th June - Isle of MTV

Nelly furtado , Flo-rida , Will.I.AM and Eva Simons all played during the Isle of mtv event. I was exactly at the front and it was amazing :D Flo rida came down near the audience and started throwing away roses. It was such a good time , dancing to the music. I didn't take a camera with me because I would have probably lost it there in that big crowd. These are some pictures taken by people..

Monday, 25 June 2012

Sunday Lunch

So, yesterday my mum and I went out for lunch . It was such a beautiful day and so we went to this restaurant near the sea . The food was so good! I had some octopus in garlic and my mum had a seafood salad. After having lunch we went for a walk near the sea and bought some ice-cream :D

This is what I wore on that day.

Mint Top -Promod
Shorts - Stradivarius
Sandals - Aldo
Purse- Primark

Sunday, 24 June 2012

My Birthday

Yesterday (23 rd June ) was my birthday and I turned 17 years old. I made plans to go shopping , do a pedicure and then at night go out for dinner with my friends and then go a bit clubbing :) ( Btw : where I live the legal age to go clubbing is 17 so it's not illegal -- laws are very different here from the US) Anyways , it turned out to be a great day :D plus I bought some clothes with the money I recieved and got some pretty nice gifts.


So the first thing I did with one of my best friends is a FISH PEDICURE! Haha it was our first time and we got really excited :P
I must say it felt really nice ! It was like putting your feet in a foot mes-sager and feeling vibrations /bubbles on your feet.


Next my friend and I went shopping :3 I bought some clothes which I really needed for summer.
The mall we went to
The view from the mall :)

Of course we had some ice-cream while shopping at the mall :3 Nom nom nom...
Mine was mint and my friend's was strawberry. So good with cookies inside.


After a whole day out... I went home and started preparing for the night where I met all my other friends :D It was great! These are some of the gifts I recieved.

I loved every single gift :) Most of the gifts were money so I could buy whatever I want ..
Well I had great day on the whole ... Can't wait till I'm an adult next year 18 ;P

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Natural at night....

A few days ago I ordered this ''Natural at Night Too Faced'' palette from Asos and today I received the package . At first when I saw the package I thought it was too small because when I ordered it I  thought that it was gonna be larger. However when I opened this package I loved everything about it :D The eye shadow colours are amazing , they're pigmented and most of all obviously are natural colours which I love ! Next Saturday (23rd June ) I'll be officially 17 and I'm planning to create a look out of these eye shadows . Can't wait :D
Anyways this is the eye shadow collection :

 What do you guys think about this collection?

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Healthy food haul / Products

Hey everyone! So yesterday  I went grocery shopping with my mum . Lately all I've been eating was junk food , candy and soft drinks which is disgusting. Happens to me every time during exams time, so I decided to go and buy healthy food and also start an exercise routine every morning.I also need to lose just a few pounds cause I gained about 7 pounds in these last few months. However I just want to be more  healthy rather than losing weight.
So this is what I bought:
Cherry tomatoes , apples and pears. I also bought bananas but I forgot to take a picture .
Water melon . Perfect for summer :D
I don't really like the taste of skimmed milk..I feel like it has no taste at all so I go to the semi-skimmed milk :)
All-Bran cereal in the morrning .
I love these with a vegetable soup.

I'm also trying to stay away from ''white'' stuff like white bread, pasta and potatoes.

I love this type of bread even more than white bread !I usually just do some toast with butter.

Some veggies and Melon
Again, I went for the wholegrain rice not the white one. I will probably use this to make some rice salads.

I love snacks and so I tried to buy some healthy ones
I love chocolate milk and this one is for vegetarians and it has less  calories than most local chocolate milks here.

I just love figs and these dried ones are so good!

I've tried this yogurt yesterday and it was delicious! I usually hate yogurts but this one tasted kind of like an ice cream
These are perfect for when I'm hungry and in a hurry.

I also bought some dark no sugar  chocolate just for when I'm really craving chocolate.


This is my favorite conditioner! Leaves hair very soft.
Another TRESemme Product which I also love! The hair heat protectant.

The colour I dye my hair - Dark Brown
love these shaving blades.. No need to use any shaving foam because they have like a jelly thing at the sides to smooth your legs.
Love this shampoo's smell.

 That's all for this haul . Can't wait to get into this healthy lifestyle :D