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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Natural at night....

A few days ago I ordered this ''Natural at Night Too Faced'' palette from Asos and today I received the package . At first when I saw the package I thought it was too small because when I ordered it I  thought that it was gonna be larger. However when I opened this package I loved everything about it :D The eye shadow colours are amazing , they're pigmented and most of all obviously are natural colours which I love ! Next Saturday (23rd June ) I'll be officially 17 and I'm planning to create a look out of these eye shadows . Can't wait :D
Anyways this is the eye shadow collection :

 What do you guys think about this collection?


  1. I love it! I think it could be used to create some great night and daytime looks!
    Also thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I'm super excited to follow you after reading all your posts and I really hope you'll return the favor . It would mean so much coming from you!

    xx Amber

    1. Yeah I had already followed your blog because it's so nice :D Thanks for following


  2. beautiful color palette!

    do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin' and google friends connect)? let me know!
    see you around!


  3. Have not tried this palette before but by these pictures, these colours look amazing! xx

    1. They're definitely nice colours! I love them :)

  4. amazing colours, nice palette<3