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Sunday, 24 June 2012

My Birthday

Yesterday (23 rd June ) was my birthday and I turned 17 years old. I made plans to go shopping , do a pedicure and then at night go out for dinner with my friends and then go a bit clubbing :) ( Btw : where I live the legal age to go clubbing is 17 so it's not illegal -- laws are very different here from the US) Anyways , it turned out to be a great day :D plus I bought some clothes with the money I recieved and got some pretty nice gifts.


So the first thing I did with one of my best friends is a FISH PEDICURE! Haha it was our first time and we got really excited :P
I must say it felt really nice ! It was like putting your feet in a foot mes-sager and feeling vibrations /bubbles on your feet.


Next my friend and I went shopping :3 I bought some clothes which I really needed for summer.
The mall we went to
The view from the mall :)

Of course we had some ice-cream while shopping at the mall :3 Nom nom nom...
Mine was mint and my friend's was strawberry. So good with cookies inside.


After a whole day out... I went home and started preparing for the night where I met all my other friends :D It was great! These are some of the gifts I recieved.

I loved every single gift :) Most of the gifts were money so I could buy whatever I want ..
Well I had great day on the whole ... Can't wait till I'm an adult next year 18 ;P

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