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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Clean Eating Day 3

On 20th May 2013 I decided to start clean eating again. I had already started in January but then, due to exams I stopped and ate all junk food again. So now I decided to start to eat clean again since it makes me feel good , clears up my skin and makes me feel much more confident too!
My first goal is to do 1 week straight without eating junk food. That means no threats or cheat meals.
Today I am on my 3rd day and it has been so good so far! I am motivated however the temptations are there.. Yesterday my parents bought my favourite unhealthy foods ( crisps, ice-cream and waffles!)
I can't wait to start seeing results ( a more toned body) .
Anyways that is It for now.. I will keep you updated on how my clean eating lifestyle is going :)

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