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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Clean Eating : Day 4

Today was much easier than yesterday. I had much less cravings and it seems that my body is getting used to this healthy stuff bit by bit. I still need to incorporate some exercise throughout the day but since I have exams I decided to not exercise and start once I finish my exams. Well on a positive note , tomorrow is my last exam so from Saturday I will start exercising . I also plan to start going to the gym from June. I actually can't wait since I've always wanted to find time and go to the gym frequently :D

What I ate today :

Breakfast :
  1. Banana
  2. 25 gr Special K plain cereal
  3. 2 egg whites
  4. 4 walnut halves
Snack :
  1. 25 almonds
  2. Apple
  1. 130 gr Chicken breast
  2. 4 boiled carrots 
Snack: ( juicing)
  1. 2 Oranges
  2. kiwi
  3. 1peach
  1. 50 gr chicken breast
  2. Some shrimps
  3. 0.5 cup of Spinach
  4. 10 Almonds
Hope you all had a great day :)

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